From the best herds of the mountainous and semi-mountainous Ilia!

Three generations of cheesemakers

We are waiting for you to join our family,
and enjoy everyday products made with love and devotion.

Kalomoiris Greek Feta Cheese

Our story begins in 1928

At the beginning, all we had was pure raw materials, good milk and knowledge of traditional cheesemaking. It was necessary to create unique, quality and tasty products.

Over the years, the experience we have gained, the perfect technological equipment, innovation and the search for new ideas have been the factors that contributed to the creation of the exceptional taste and quality of our products.

Our Products

The raw material
100% Greek Sheep Milk

What really gives a special flavor to our cheeses, our yoghurt, our cream and our rice is the selected raw materials and especially the GALA. In all our products we use exclusively fresh 100% sheep HELLENIC milk.

Our milk comes from selected flocks in the wider region of mountain Ilia, which graze freely. All our cooperating breeders pay great attention to the quality of their products.

The International Recognition
for our product

The award of our products with the confidence and recognition of their quality and taste by our consumers inspires us and gives us the strength to continue to provide quality and tasty products.

Our awards:
Gold Award for Feta – Bronze Flavor Award for Anthotiro – Bronze Flavor Award to Myzithra Voutiro

Tradition – 100 Years of Experience – Technological Equipment

For over 100 years, we have brought to your table, exquisite, traditional, delicious products. Our dairy is certified with a Food Safety Management System. Our milk, our raw material, comes from selected herds of the wider region of Ilia.

A characteristic of our cheese dairy, which is responsible for its quality products and its continuous development, is the “Family Character”.

Kalomoiris Greek Feta Cheese